Patient Testimonial

Vickie Metzger

Vickie_Metzger Vickie Metzger, 62, of Edgewood, Ky., knew something was wrong when she suddenly couldn’t use her right limbs. She rushed to the hospital and discovered she’d had a stroke. Vickie remained in the hospital for eight days, but was not ready to go home just yet. She’d heard great things about HealthSouth Northern Kentucky Rehabilitation Hospital from her friends and decided to transfer there.
When Vickie arrived at HealthSouth Northern Kentucky, she was numb, unable to walk, had little physical strength and had difficulty eating. But, she remained hopeful and was eager to begin her journey to recovery. Vickie excelled in speech, occupational and physical therapies, three times a day, five days a week.
“My therapists were quick to answer any questions I had and they really listened to me,” Vickie said. “They were persistent, with a treatment plan customized just for me.”
Vickie began her rehabilitation at HealthSouth Northern Kentucky with a lot of physical limitations, but they are almost all nonexistent now. With medication, stroke education, nutrition education and lots of rest, Vickie was well on her way to independence.
“My HealthSouth team had my best interest in mind,” Vickie said. “I just followed their instructions exactly and it worked!”
Vickie’s favorite part during her stay at HealthSouth Northern Kentucky was when her family and friends came to visit. She had a lot of support from her husband, Steve, daughter, Jamie, son, Jeff, grandchildren, nieces, nephews and friends from church.
“I could ask my team for help with anything and received top of the line care,” Vickie said. “They were friendly and willing to help me reach my goals.”
Vickie described her first day at HealthSouth Northern Kentucky as “testing.” But, after a week of hard work, she was able to walk out of the hospital on her own.
Today, Vickie participates in outpatient therapy. She still has some weakness on her right side, but continues to improve through occupational therapy. Her life is close to normal now. She is back at work, going to her grandchildren’s games and doing home exercises as well as some cooking, cleaning and grocery shopping on her own.

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