Patient Testimonial

Randy Sandfoss


Raymond Sandfoss, 54, of Alexandria, Kentucky never dreamed of going from perfectly independent to perfectly immobile. Yet, that’s exactly what happened when he fell on January 24, 2015, compressing his spinal cord in just an instant.
Scared, nervous, and unable to stand or walk, Raymond was rushed by ambulance to the local hospital, where he was recommended for emergency back surgery the following day. Afterward, he was sent to the ICU unit for several days before being moved to neurology. He was placed in a special brace to wear while out of bed and performed minimal physical therapy 20 to 30 minutes a day.
For two weeks, Raymond slowly recovered, but, longed to walk on his own again. It was at this turning point that Raymond chose to move to HealthSouth Northern Kentucky Rehabilitation Hospital in Edgewood, Kentucky, after receiving the green light to move forward.
Raymond was greeted by a kind, enthusiastic rehabilitation team when he arrived at his new HealthSouth home for the next three weeks. Still unable to walk with weak leg muscles, he was ready to work hard.
“The therapy was intensive, but, necessary,” Raymond says. “Wearing the back brace was very restrictive, making therapy more difficult. Therapists assisted me at first, and then gradually backed off their level of assistance. Soon, therapy got me up and walking on the parallel bars even though I didn’t think I could do it.”
Raymond enjoyed using advanced technologies including the hand bike and foot bike, as well as the sliding board.
“The sliding board gave me hope, as it made getting out of bed easier,” Raymond says.
Family and friends were also supportive during Raymond’s therapy, visiting and encouraging him throughout the process.
“Their thoughts and prayers certainly helped, as well as seeing progress with the strides in my walking,” Raymond adds.
After 21 days of dedication, Raymond went from zero to walking, leaving HealthSouth on his own, without any help from his therapy team.
“My rehabilitation team offered very good teamwork, all moving toward a common goal,” Raymond says. “And HealthSouth’s specialized rehabilitation services really made a difference.”

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