Patient Testimonial

Ken Gaukel

Ken_Gaukel Donna Gaukel was on her way to attend her exercise class when she went to kiss her husband, Ken Gaukel, 75, of Highland Heights, Ky., goodbye. She was startled to find that he could not move or speak. Then, she noticed Ken’s face was drooping immediately and knew to call 9-1-1 as quickly as possible. Donna and Ken arrived at the hospital 45 minutes later where he had a CT scan and MRI.
On that day, Ken had a stroke. The emergency room physician informed Donna that Ken had a ruptured blood vessel in his brain. He spent three days in an acute care hospital before transferring to HealthSouth Northern Kentucky Rehabilitation Hospital in Edgewood, Ky.
When Ken arrived, he was unable to walk, talk or do anything for himself. He participated in physical, occupational and speech therapy.
“My first day at HealthSouth was very tiring,” Ken said. “But, my therapists were so kind and helpful, encouraging me to do more.”
Ken was in inpatient therapy at HealthSouth Northern Kentucky for 23 days and was able to walk on his own by the time he was discharged. Through an additional 11 days of outpatient therapy, Ken has almost returned to his prior level of function before the stroke.
Ken continues to recover through the support of his close friends, daughter, Kimberly, grandsons, Matthew and Nathan, and Donna, who joined him at HealthSouth Northern Kentucky every day, observing his therapy exercises so she could do them with him once they returned home. He can’t wait to drive his car again and he enjoys doing yard work, exercising, playing board games with his grandchildren and spending time on his computer.

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