Patient Testimonial

Ervin Glahn

Ervin_Glahn On September 30, Ervin Glahn, 80, from Alexandria, Kentucky, was sitting at his kitchen table for dinner when he suddenly felt confused and couldn’t hold his napkin or remember his wife’s name. His wife knew that Ervin was having a stroke. She quickly called 9-1-1 and Ervin was taken to St. Elizabeth Edgewood Hospital.
When Ervin arrived to the hospital, the stroke team assessed him and decided against giving him a clotbusting drug. He was admitted and monitored for two days before being transferred to HealthSouth Northern Kentucky Rehabilitation Hospital. Ervin was unable to communicate well and he experienced weakness on his right side. He could not walk or use his right hand.
During his time at HealthSouth, Ervin was treated with “respect, encouragement and professionalism at all times.” His first day of therapy was exhausting, but he enjoyed using the AutoAmbulator®, a sophisticated treadmill device that uses body weight-supported robotics for patients with gait disorders, during his treatment. “I felt like I was flying,” Ervin describes.
Ervin recalls becoming frustrated when his body and brain wouldn’t work correctly, but his entire team cheered him on. “Everyone was so kind and caring,” Ervin says. “From the nurses to the therapists and doctors, to the ladies in the dining room who made a fresh pot of decaf coffee just for me.”
Speech therapy was the most challenging for Ervin. But, he stayed positive. “We had fun as we worked on talking,” Ervin recalls. “I told stories to my therapists during our sessions.”
Ervin was highly motivated to work on his recovery. Being in the Air Force for 20 years, he believes in hard work and doing his best in therapy. Ervin had ample support from his wife, Rosemary, his daughter, Susan, and his friends from church.
After 23 days of inpatient therapy, Ervin was discharged from HealthSouth, strolling out on his own using only a walker.
Today, Ervin attends outpatient therapy to continue working on walking, coordination and speech. He also performs exercises at home.

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