Patient Testimonial

Arthur Beck

Arthur Beck

After arriving at St. Elizabeth Medical Center, Arthur’s medical team diagnosed a fractured pelvis–and that’s not all. It was also discovered that Arthur had atrial fibrillation of the heart, an irregular and often rapid heart rate that causes poor blood flow to the body. Arthur was unaware of the condition, which can lead to complications at any time.

As soon as he was well enough for rehabilitation, Arthur chose to go to HealthSouth Northern Kentucky Rehabilitation for treatment. He had heard good things about the rehabilitation there, and that HealthSouth Northern Kentucky provides hemodialysis—a must for Arthur.

Arthur was ready to get back home with the help of his HealthSouth team, but it was a challenge at first. “When I got to HealthSouth, I was down and depressed,” Arthur comments. “But, the staff members were so friendly, pleasant and helpful. They gave me hope.”

The team got Arthur up and moving, helping him safely exercise to gain strength and rebuild his pelvic muscles. Arthur’s wife, family and friends visited during his two weeks of rehabilitation, encouraging him to fight through the discomfort and tiredness to keep going.

“My biggest challenge was overcoming tiredness and pain during exercise,” Arthur says. “My support system and my rehabilitation team helped me get my strength back.”

At the end of each day’s hard work, Arthur was particularly thankful for one thing—sleep. But, his efforts made discharge day worth it all, as Arthur walked out of the hospital on his own with minimal assistance.

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