Patient Testimonial

Alan Benken

Alan_Benken Alan Benken, 53, from Erlanger, Ky. was shocked that, although he lived a healthy life, he found out that he had a cancerous tumor. He grew extremely ill in a short amount of time. Alan had pancreatic surgery that lead to a gastrointestinal stromal tumor (GIST), followed by Whipple surgery (pancreatoduodenectomy), a risky and complex operation to remove part of the pancreas, part of the small intestine and the gallbladder.
After Alan’s tumor was removed, he was in critical condition. He lost 17 units of blood and was not expected to live. He spent more than seven months in the hospital before transferring to HealthSouth Rehabilitation Hospital of Northern Kentucky.
Alan knew about the benefits of HealthSouth Northern Kentucky from his mother’s positive results after her treatment.
With the support of his wife, Karla, and two sons, Alan arrived to HealthSouth Northern Kentucky eager to dive into therapy. At first, he was unable to control his body functions – he could not walk or eat. Alan’s rehabilitation specialists made his recovery a team effort with advanced technologies and a personalized treatment program to fit his needs. His biggest challenge was mobility, so he used technologies like the stander and Biodex Balance System SD™ to help with his balance and coordination.
Alan was discharged from HealthSouth Northern Kentucky after 30 days. He has been in outpatient therapy for eight weeks and is still going strong in his recovery. Now, he continues to work towards his goals of restoring his balance, endurance and strength. And in that small amount of time, Alan has already progressed from a wheelchair to walking on his own.
Today, Alan completes his daily care tasks by himself, drives and cooks.

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